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Friday, November 21, 2008

Not much thrifty shopping

going on lately. Or too much of anything else! Funds are a little tight and I am saving for Black Friday! YAY! Heather and I can't wait.

I do have a few misc. pictures to share.

Rocky helping himself to some fruit. I think I have fixed it so he can't get on the counter or on top of my cabinets. BRAT!

Rocky playing with his teenie beanie baby squirrel. It is so funny to watch him roll aound playing with it.

I am going to buy a few little things tomorrow. I will finally have the car! I have some good coupons to use on a few sale itmes for Christmas. I'll write about that tomorrow.

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Shanda said...

I am so interested in your pet squirrel, I have always wanted one or a coon. How old is your and how did you tame him down so much and what do your dogs think of it. He is so cool. Aren't they just like little monkeys??? I would have loved to go black fridaying with you two. Sounds like you had lots of fun. I am also a N.D. fan. I buy alot of their sweatshirts at garage sales and wear them down to Alabama and make my husbands famliy sick. They call me a yankee. I do like Alamaba football, but I am a fan of N.D. more.
Nice to visit with you, please write back