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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jaiden's Christmas program...

was last night. He has been practicing his songs for weeks. The program was the done by the kindergarten students. All 100 of them! The gym was jam packed. The kids all looked sooo cute!

About half way through he spotted his daddy, who was sitting on the aisle. Justin was our official photographer. As you can see by the last picture, Jaiden decided to take our picture!!

He knew all of the words and all of the hand and body movements. They did such a good job.

Mrs. Hanft is the music teacher at Cleveland. Sse was Kylah's music teacher when she went to Cleveland and Heather's music teacher at Pinewood, many years ago! The lady has the patience of a saint.

Afterwards, they had punch and cookies in the cafeteria. It was a short program that was very fun and entertaining!

GEM of the day-When I got to Heather's house monday morning, she had all of the gifts wrapped and under the tree(beautiful, by the way!!). This is the convo with Jaiden: Gram, see that big present with the red paper?
Me: Yes, it's pretty.
Jaiden: It's for you, but I'm not supposed to tell you that it's a vacuum cleaner.
Me: LOL That's okay buddy, we won't tell anyone you told me!!
Jaiden: Okay, gram, cause it's a secret!!

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Janene said...

I love watching Christmas programs with little children! It is so cute! I love the picture of him taking a picture...priceless!