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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ooh, more presents!

This morning we picked Kylah up at her other grandma's house. She had Christmas with her dad's family this morning. Her dad gave her her cellphone back and told her he would never take it from her again (she got her lip pierced and he took her phone from her). That made for one happy 14 year old!!

After we picked her up we went to Heather and Justin's for breakfast. He fixed bacon, sourdough french toast and hash browns. I took juice and eggnog. It was so good and better yet that I didn't have to cook or clean up!

We took our gifts from each other and opened them while they opened theirs. It was fun. I was so dreading spending the morning at home with out the kids.

The 3 kids each got a new pair of shoes. Kylah-DCs, Jaiden-lightup Sketchers and Kammie-Sketchers. Plus, lots of other things. Video games, puzzles, dvd's, clothes, toys, etc.

Santa brought: Jaiden-3 video games, Kammie-kitty build a bear in a carseat and cash for Kylah!

Heather got some UGG boots and a new digital camera (I am now the proud owner of her "old" camera and Kylah is the proud owner of my "old" camera). Justin got some video game stuff, Mario lounge pants and shirt and other stuff I don't remember!

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