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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Snow, snow and deer

Richard got the "let's go plow snow" call at about 7:00pm. Brian told him to be there at 2:00am. He went to get some sleep at around 9:30.

A little while ago I looked out to see if it was still snowing and there were the 2 deer at the bird/squirrel feeder. I feel so bad for them. I am sure they are hungry.

I tried to get a couple pics, but of course they didn't turn out. I do think that the snow looks kind of cool in the pictures though!

I did go out and get some hoofprint shots. Yesterday, I told Jaiden and Kamrie that 2 of Santa's reindeer were in our yard. They were so excited. I told them I would bring the pictures of their "footprints" for them to see. I went out (in the freezing, cold snow) and put some carrots and a pear at the feeder. Hopefully they'll be back.


Leslie said...

I really like the pictures on your blog. I live in Northwest Arkansas, I scrapbook and make greeting cards, I love crafts of all kinds. I am 70 years young and live alone. I had a cat but, she is gone now and I am lonely now that she is gone. I have deer up here and there are lots of wild life around here.

Wendy said...

How cool is that to see that out your window!! And how priceless for the kids to think it was some of santas reindeer!!:0) Also Spikey looks just like my Madi Lyn only with longer hair!!:0) Madi is Chia/Minpin mix. Have a great day we are starting to get a little snow today!! Take care!~Wendy