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Thursday, December 11, 2008

We just can't catch a break

Richard took me to Heather's yesterday morning. He is having problems with the steering on his truck. When he came to pick me up we stayed and had pizza with Heather and the kids. Justin was at work. We stopped by the ATM to make a deposit on the way home. As he was waiting for me, the check engine oil light came on. When we got home, he put oil in the car and it just ran out underneath the car.

When we got home today he laid under the car (on the freezing ground)to try and see what the problem was. He couldn't figure it out.

We took it to Phil Schlabach's house and he is going to work on it tomorrow.

I hope and pray that he can fix it and it won't be expensive. We work so hard and try to do everything right and we can't seem to get ahead. Richard is having a 2 week, unpaid shutdown starting on the 19th. And are funds are soooo tight right now.

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