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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I took this picture Early(1am) monday morning, when Heather and I went to Walgreen's to get J.J.'s meds.

It was so cold, there couldn't possibly be anything melting. It has been cold all week. I don't understand the flood warning.


Rachel said...

Wow- that is scary... I forgot that the ice melts and causes flooding. I have lived in Florida since I was 11- havent seen snow since!
Be safe!

Barb said...

I guess I have never thought about flood warnings from snow.We never get much snow around here.Stay safe....Barb

jen said...

Is there really a flood warning??

I always get kinda irritated by the big digital highway signs that they wasted our tax dollars on to say things like "Ice and snow take it slow." Like I'm dumb or somthing! LOL

My EAT letters are from Hobby Lobby. I think I paid a couple buck a piece.

Have a great weekend!