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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where I blog from...

Several of my bloggy friends have posted where they blog from...This is my desk in my scraproom/computer room. Richard got the desk out of a building they were tearing down. It was a typical gry metal office desk. He power washed it , primered it and painted it burgandy for me. I love it. It fits in my room perfectly. It has 4 drawers and a door with 3 shelves behind it.

I have a wonderful view of the side yard and all of the feeders.

On my desk is my day planner, a little wooden container(from Goodwill) with-kleeenx, scrap paper, an emory board, eye glass cleaner, chapstick, etc., an antique donkey vase(from the Salvation Army) with my pens, pencils and scissors in it and a little dish of hard candy.

I have a quilted piece underneath everything.

I almost forgot my leather chair with a fleece throw over the back. Well, it's my chair if someone else isn't sitting there!! LOL

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