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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today is my dad's birthday. He is a young 72! My sisters and I were blessed to have the best dad ever. He took care of us and our mom like no other.

He was surrounded by girls his whole life! He had his mother and 3 sisters. Our mother and 3 daughters!

He taught us how: to love unconditionally, to never judge others, to stand up for ourselves, to balance a checkbook, to drive a stick shift, to tell a joke, to change a tire(yeah right!), to check the oil in our cars, to go to work everyday, to keep our commitments, to always have money for a phone call, to be honest and trustworthy, to do things right the first time, to love everything Disney!, to make spaghetti, to always stand by our family and family always coems first.

We taught him how: to be a good shopper, to have lots of patience, to make hair appointments, to live through PMS, that it's okay to cry, to love our husbands and to be the best grandfather ever.

Happy Birthday, Dad. I love you so very, very much!


Janene said...

Happy Birthday Denise's Dad!
Enjoy your day...You deserve it!

This Country Girl said...


That is a great tribute to your dad! It sounds like you're one blessed gal to have a dad like him and he's blessed to be surrounded by special women! :)

Happy Birthday to your dad (belated)....hope it was a good one for him!