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Saturday, March 21, 2009

This is how thieves spent Friday night....

This is how the blankety-blank thieves got into Heather and Justin's house. They shattered every bit of glass in the back door.

Last night Heather worked second shift 2-10pm. Justin worked his part time job 5:30-9:30pm. Kylah went to a movie with friends, leaving at 7:00pm. Jaiden and Kamrie were at our house.

When Justin got home at 10:05, he took the kids in and got them in bed. He started into his and Heather's room, when he caught something out of the corner of his eye. It was the TV moved in the entertainment center. That was when he saw the XBox gone and some glass decorations shattered on the living room floor. The the doorknob and the deadbolt were locked when he came home.

By this time Heather was on her way home and on the cell phone with me. She said she had a beep and put me on hold. She came back on and told me they had been broke into. I told Richard and he said to tell Heather we were on our way to their house. He was pissed.

By the time we got there, Heather was home. She realized they took all of her prescription drugs and her's and Kammie's jewelry boxes. Heather had alot of really good jewelry. Chanel, Tiffany, Coach and lots of gold and silver. Kammrie had some good things, too. Remember our family own's a jewelry store in FL. Heather was given alot of my mom's jewelry when she died in 2001. That stuff can never, ever be replaced. :(

They took the XBox 360 with Resident Evil 5 in it. The TV was moved and unplugged, unknown if they were planning on taking it, too.

This is where Heather kept her prescription medications. She is bi-polar and has a very high anxiety level. Her meds are very important. They took them all.

This is where Heather and Kamrie's jewelry boxes used to sit.

What makes me the maddest is the fact that these kids work so hard for everything they have. Justin works 2 jobs. Heather works every double shift and day off that she can. They pay cash for everything, never using credit cards.

Something none of us understand is the fact that their brand new lap-top computer was sitting on Justin's dresser in the bedroom, right next to his MP3 player and Heather's digital camera that she got for christmas.

Their flat screen computor monitor and custom build computer wasn't touched. The Wii and all of the accessories were next to the XBox (Justin works part time at Game Stop, hence all of the gaming items!). Wii fit, Rock Band drums and guitar, Guitar Hero guitar, dozens of video games, hundreds of DVDs and CDs, they have 3 Nintendo DS's with a least 2 dozen games, Jaiden has a Game Cube and games in his room, TVs in all bedrooms, Kylah's iPod, digital camera and jewelry box and so much more were left. We are all scared they will be back after seeing everything that is in that house.


Tracey said...

omg How absolutely dreadful. That is a terrible thing to happen, I bet they are all scared. I'm so sorry for them.
Tracey x x x

Benita said...

OMGosh, how awful :( I'm so sorry that happened! Did they call the police? I hope that they're able to recover some of the things, especially the jewelry! That's just so sad :(

Anne said...

How horrible. I hope that there was a police report made. And of course I hope they catch the bandit(s) who did this horrible crime. I'm just glad that your loved ones are safe. That is the most important thing. Thank God for that. Stay safe.

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

This is absolutely horrible news. I hate for anyone to have go through this. It does sound like teenagers though, to just take a few things.

Why do people have to be this way? My son's cellphone was stolen during gym class at school last week. It infuriates me that someone feels they can take what is not theirs.

I hope they are able to catch the culprit/s.