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Sunday, March 8, 2009

This week's thrifty goodies

This going to be a loooong post! Heather and I went to Goodwill yesterday. I bought all of the following goodies, plus: 2 pair of capris and 2 sleeveless shirts for my FL trip. All of their clothes were $1.00

I was kind of disgusted with the prices on some of the stuff there. So many things were WAY overpriced. A candle holder for $7.00, a small(5X7) plaque for $5.00. A few other things I would've bought, if they weren't priced so high. Next saturday is 1/2 off day, I may go back and see if things I want are still there. They were packed yesterday, or I was going to take some pictures!!

These three were 50 cents each. I thought the striped one looked vinage and I always buy gold dishcloths, for some reason. The embroidered homespun piece is going on the kitchen counter.

I have always loved these wooden hearts. I have had many over the years. These will get a paint job and will probably hang on the outside door knob.

This little rooster decoration was 50 cents. Not sure where it's going!

THis little door handle was 60 cents. I am going to hang it from the handle on the fridge.

Love this rooster picture frame. It was $1.00 and I am going to put it in my hutch in the dining room.

I am going to put this outside right next to the door. It was $4.00.

Since I have many neck issues I use these roll pillows behind my neck. I have one in the bed and this on the back of the loveseat, where I always sit. It is brand new and was $2.00.

This cute, new potholder was 50 cents.

Aren't these cute! They're salt and pepper shakers. I bought them at Cracker Barrel for 99 cents each. The chick is yellow and the egg a pale green. I am going to go back and buy another egg to maybe use in one of the two items below.

this cute little basket was just unfinished tin. It was 50 cents. I painted it black before I thought to take a picture. I will use it for a candle or for the little salt and pepper shakers, from the above post.

I love this. It was $1.50. It is metal and the nest is wicker. I am going to paint the bird either red or black and the branches a darker green. I am going to put a tealight candle in the nest. The little egg salt and peppers would look cute in the nest, too! Hmmmmmmmm! LOL


Amy said...

The little rooster decoration can come here if you can't find a place lol!!

Great stuff!

Amy xx

Tracey said...

And I want the rooster picture frame!!!!!! I love everything!
Tracey x x x

Benita said...

You are the Queen of bargain finds :) Love them all! Enjoy your new goodies :)

This Country Girl said...

Nice finds at GW! I love the little tin basket especially! I agree that sometimes things are just priced ridiculously high and then sometimes you find the best deals!

Have a great weekend!

Shanda said...

Looks like a good day at the TS. Ours TS is getting very high priced these days too and the place is always packed to the gills with people. I think people are shopping there out of necessity and not hobby. I Goodwill is the worst for high prices and everyone is always commenting and raley do I find anything there. Usually I leave empty handed. The Salvation Army store is huge and great, I find most of my stuff there.

Woo hoo for the 72. It was so beautiful here this weekend also. I hauled in flat rock all weekend and I am beefing up my edging abit where it has sunk down into the ground over winter. Colder tom though boo hoo on that one.

Hope you have a good week,

Anne said...

Just be careful when putting a candle in that wicker nest. Wouldn't want that to go up into flames! I just loved all of your finds. Great prices to. Everything you got was so cute. I've been to a goodwill stores in my area to and I'm not really impressed with there prices but you found some good prices I see. I've seen some used sweaters for $15. I'm not going to pay that much for a used sweater. For a brand new one, maybe. Have fun painting your new treasures! ☺

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Our GW is getting high too probably because of the economy and everyone shopping there now:)

Great finds:)

ani hearts japan said...

I love all of your goodies that you got...especially the last bird one! :)