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Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm back, from paradise!

I had a fantastic trip. I have to say that Englewood, FL is my favorite place on earth.

I took some where in the area of 600 pictures! LOL I won't bore you with ALL of them. Just my favorites. Several each day, until you all beg me to stop!

The following are all from Englewood Beach. The beach is about 10 minutes from my dad's and sister's homes.

Green coral


Me, just before sunset on thursday.

Two pelicans, just before sunset.

Gorgeous sunset...they have this beauty nearly every evening. I just can't imagine being able to live somewhere so beautiful


Wendy said...

Welcome Back Denise!!! Happy Easter!!

Tracey said...

Great to have you back, beautiful photos, can't wait to see more!
Tracey xxx

Leslie said...

I am glad you had a great trip, the pictures are beautiful. Will be looking for more soon.

Anne said...

Wow your pictures are just beautiful. I love pictures. Show us more! It looks like you had a wonderful time on your trip. I can't wait to hear more about it.