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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some answers about Rocky

I thought I would answer some of the questions I have been asked about Rocky.

WARNING: this is a looooong post with pictures at the end!! LOL

***He was a few weeks old when Richard rescued him. We called a small animal rehabber and they told us how to take care of him.

***He does use a "litter" area. He only goes to the bathroom in one corner of his cage. If he is loose for a while, we will put him back in his cage and he almost immediately goes to that corner.

***He is friends with our old dog, Jordan. He and Spikey are frenemies!! He teases the daylights out of Spike! Spike chases him every chance he gets. Rocky and Ozzy(the cat) totally ignore each other. Which is so funny, because Ozzy would probably kill him if they were outside.

***When he was younger, he was somewhat destructive. He dug up several plants, knocked over and broke a few things and would climb the curtains. He doesn't seem to do any of this anymore.

***When we are home he is loose. When we leave we put him in his cage. He has a large 3 story cage. The bottom level has the litter. The middle level has his blankets, this is where he sleeps and the top level has his toys, salt and vitamin licks, water bottle and 3 food bowls.

***He also has the top shelf on a set of shelves in the grandkid's room. He has a box, a fleece blanket and some toys there. He sleeps there a lot of nights. And, we have emptied off the top of the entertainment center in the living room. He as a "toy" box and a fleece blanket on there. We play with him a lot on the ent. center. He hangs out there quite a bit.

***He eats pecans(his favorite), walnuts, peanuts, raisins, dried cranberries, black sunflower seeds, corn, hamster treats, grapes(another favorite), sugar snap peas, apples, celery, oranges, basically all fruits. He loves apricots, our neighbor has a tree and he loved those last fall. He has a bowl of water and a water bottle, he will also drink out of a cup! He uses 3 food bowls. One for wet foods(fresh fruit and veggies), one for the nuts & raisins and the other for treats.

***Another thing, he peels his fruits when he eats them!! We will find grape, apple, oranges peels scattered about! He also does this with the sugar snap peas.

***We were told that since he was rescued so young and stays in the house, he will not carry disease.

***No, he has NEVER bitten anyone. He will nibble on our fingers and ears and nose and......but he never bites. We do have to trim his nails as they are extremely sharp.

***He will chatter and talk to us, especially if he is in his cage and wants out. He will chatter AT the dogs all the time!

***He has quite a few toys that he plays with. His favorite is a teeny beany baby squirrel. He will sleep with that! He has a small ball, a bell, some other tiny stuffed animals, several hamster chew toys and anything else that steals and takes to his areas!! LOL

***I use a "green" cleaner on the kitchen counters. Because sometimes he will get on the counter and help himself to some fruit that we keep there for him.

I can't imagine that we will let him free. Originally, we planned to keep him over the winter and let him go this spring. But there is no way he could fend for himself. He is not afraid of dogs and cats and people. He wouldn't know how to find and store food. Or how to build a nest. So, I guess he is with us for the long haul!!

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments. We do love the little guy!
Posing for the camera.. I love this picture!

Helping me pack for Florida. He is in my suitcase!

Watching me pack for Florida.

Bonding with Ozzy.

Helping feed the birds.

Drinking from a cup.


Anne said...

Thanks for answering our questions on Rocky. He does seem cute though. Have a great time on your trip. =)

Tracey said...

How cute is he?! Love the pics, When are you off on your trip? Hope you have a great time!
Love Tracey x x x

Shellmo said...

Loved reading all this info about Rocky! He's adorable! Are you able to have him out in the yard w/ you - will he run away? Or does he know to stay close?

Daintry said...

He is so cute. I think he is an adorable addition to your family. Thank you for rescuing him! :)

Sandy said...

Aww.. what a cutie!

wholarmor said...

So cute! Thanks for answering the questions! Very cool to have a pet squirrel!

Rue said...

Hi Denise :)

I am amazed you have a pet squirrel! Rocky is so cute!! What a great family you all are to adopt and keep him :)

In answer to your question, I'm painting the cabinets a light yellow almost cream color, but that's a project for this coming fall or winter when we can't spend time outside.

Thank you so much for your comments!

Michele said...

Well, isn't that neat!!??!! I love the story and never heard of anyone taming one before. That's so super cool! That would make for an interesting pet. He is really cute!

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