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Monday, May 18, 2009

One morning about 3-4 weeks ago I saw 2 robins carrying twigs and string into a small bush near Jaiden's bustop. (remember to click on any pic if you want to enlarge it)

Here is what the robin's were doing, nuilding a new home. I decided to check the nest every few days.

I had to watch out for this guy. He watched me everytime I went to check the nest. After the eggs hatched he would dive-bomb me!! LOL

YAY! I found 4 beautiful blue robin's eggs in the nest.

When I checked the nest on this particular morning, there were only 3 eggs. :(

Sadly, I found this on the ground under the nest.

This is what I found about 12 days after I first spotted the eggs.

This is about a week later. This little chick was hungry and mama was sitting on the shed with breakfast!

I love this picture! The little baby's face is so sweet.

These 2 pictures were last week. When I checked the nest this morning tha babies were gone. They flew the coop!! Mom and dad both dive-bombed me today! One of them chased me all the way back to Heather's house! I'm assuming that the babies were still in the area!


marty39 said...

What cute pictures. Seems like mom and dad are really protective. Hugs, Marty

Tracey said...

Lovely pictures! Cyril says to ask Rocky what his fave food is?!

Tracey xxx

Amy said...

lovely pics! we have baby robins in our back garden...i love to hear them cheeping! :) x

Anne said...

What a nice little post. Thanks for sharing. I just love the color of those Robin eggs.

Shellmo said...

I love seeing these little robin faces!! They are probably learning how to fly - hope the parents don't continue to dive bomb you!