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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday's thrifty goodies...

This morning I took my sister's stepson, Trae, with me to Jaiden's t-ball game. Afterwards, we went to a large neighborhood garage sale. As usual, I found some thrifty goodies!

My favorite find of the day! 3 pair of these ivory curtains with the pom pom trim! I adore them! They are super wide and will be so full and beautiful on my bedroom windows! These curtains were only $1.50 for all 3 pair. I know, I couldn't believe it either! LOL When I told the lady at the sale that I wanted the curtains, she said "oh, bless you. Those were my mother's and when we moved her to an assisted living that was one thing that she wanted most to take with her. She loved those curtains. She died several months ago and I tried to talk my daughter's into taking them but they weren't their style". I asked her mother's name, it was Dorothy (my favorite grandma's name). I told her I would think of Dorothy when I hung her curtains in my home. She got all teary eyed. And told me "thank-you, that means a lot".

I have been wanting to change up some things in our bedroom. It is a small room with a king sized waterbed. So it is hard to do much in there. Last summer I found a king, handmade quilt and 2 shams for only $4.00 at a garage sale. Yes, you heard right, $4.00!!

This is my second favorite find of the day! This is a really nice mirror. I am going to paint the gold, black or maybe cream. Only $1.00.

This cute little weathervane was only 10 cents.

I think these handmade, pottery buttons are so cute. I am going to use them in a bowl with potpourri. 50 cents each pair.

I am always on the lookout for cute wooden house/buildings. Since I have houses on the border in my kitchen and dining room, I like them for in there. 25 cents each.

I love these stacking boxes. They have tin lids. $1.00.

I got a whole bag of these napkins with my granddaughter, Kylah's, school name and mascot on them. She wants to have a bonfire this fall for her friends and I thought she could use them for that. 10 cents.

These lampshades were only 25 cents each. They will get makeovers!

This is a beautiful, wood cigar box. I loke to use these in my scraproom for "stuff"! $1.00.

This round wicker mat is so nice and heavy. I am going to use it on my dining room table, at some point. $1.00.


Tracey said...

Hey Denise, you've done it again! Wonderful bargains....You haven't been to pick up your award yet!!!!
Love Tracey x x x

marty39 said...

Such super finds. I love the story of the curtains. That's how I feel when I find all the things at GW, I wonder what precious lady they belonged to and hope she knows that I will take good care of them and love them. You found so many pretty things. Hugs, Marty

Amy said...

great things again Denise :) xxx

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Didn't you find some treasures? How fun!

Shellmo said...

Such a sweet story behind those curtains and a great deal! And I loved those wooden houses too!

Benita said...

Great finds & what a sweet story about the curtains. I bet you will treasure them for a very long time! I absolutely love the angel weathervane.....I've been collecting angels for my garden in memory of my sister & brother-in-law, but never saw anything like this before.