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Monday, July 13, 2009

Do you believe in garden fairies? LOL!

You might when you look at these pictures! I went outside this morning to water the plants when I spotted these in the cherry tomato plant:

Little shirts, little shorts, teeny tiny little shoes and fairy wings!

These are what I ended up finding in the plants! Now do you believe in fairies?

The tomato plant is planted in a box under the grandkids' slide.

Kamrie calls the little fort at the top of the slide, her playhouse. This was where she spent hours Saturday evening playing with her Polly Pockets stuff! Obviously, she lost some!! So, I guess there aren't really garden fairies, but it was fun to think about them!

This is what is really growing on that plant. Lots and lots of cherry tomatoes! There is probably at least 100 little tomatoes! I don't like the cherry ones, but Richard and Rocky love them!


Tracey said...

I do believe!.....well I did! xxx

Rue said...

Hi Denise :)

How wonderful to be a little girl with a big imagination again! It looks like she had a lot of fun :)

Beautiful tomatoes!!


Piecefulafternoon said...

Oh I still believe in fairies - just not the gun totin' kind. LOL

Lovely tomatoes - I can almost taste them - the sweet juice as it squirts out when you bite it - the taste - ohhh the taste.

Michelle said...

I'd so like to believe in fairies! When I was a kid once my friend and I tried to fine the end of a huge rainbow that stretched across the sky. We were very disillusioned when we couldn't find it too. We must have walked a good mile or better!