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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More...Amish country shopping!

We always go into Yoder's when we go to Shipshewana. It is a huge building that has 3 different stores in it. A hardware store, a gorcery store and a department store. You never know what you will find for sale here.!

Gorgeous Amish made quilts. The top one is a raffle prize and the other 2 are for sale.

This is the grocery part of the building. Lots of homegrown produce sold here.

This part of the building is Yoder's Department Store. They sell lots of fabrics and trims. Work clothes and boots. Amish clothing. Crocs. Children's clothes. Some table linens and curtains. Socks of every kind. And, lots more.


The following pics are from the Hardware store part of the building...
Plastic dish ware.

Every shape and size of baking pans.

Meat grinders.

Yoder's has the most magnificent array of kerosene and oil lanterns & lamps that I have ever seen. Some of them are really beautiful. Since the Amish don't have electricity, they use these for lamp light.

Yoder's Hardware has a little bit of everything. They (obviously) cater to the Amish community.

If you aren't bored yet, I'll show the rest of my shopping pictures tomorrow! I have some beauties!


Tracey said...

I'm never bored looking at these pics.....bring 'em on! xxx

Amy said...

wow...love the pics and love those lamps! xxx

glitzen said...

These are wonderful! I have never been to an Amish community, so I am learning so much and enjoying your pictures. Thanks!