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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thrifty Hobby Lobby goodies!

Richard and I went to run a few errands(bank, gas station, grocery store), so I wanted to run into Hobby Lobby. I haven't been there in quite some time and wanted to check out the clearance aisles. If you don't shop at HL much, you need to, if just to check out the clearance aisles.

I got everything pictured below for under $8.00!! Score!

Anyway, as you all know we have a BIG 4th of July party here every year. Was I ever excited to see the 4th decorations for 90% off. Yep, you heard right, 90% off!! LOL
It will be so nice to have all of this stuff next year! It will leave more money to buy fireworks with!

This guy is my favorite thrifty find of the day! It is an Uncle Sam windsock. He is about 4 foot long and was only 79 cents!!

These are my 2nd favorite thrifty find of the day! 12 foot red, white and blue rope lights, only $1.29 each! I know, thrifty, huh!!!

Thanks to my lovely assistant Heather for showing this windsock. 19 cents!

2 of these garlands for 29 cents each!

I bought 2 of each of these garland for 39 cents each!

These bows were 12 cents each for the 2 smaller ones, 49 cents for the one with the streamers and 29 cents for the other large one!

These are cardboard serving dishes. They came in packs of 3. I bought 1 pack of the trays-29 cents. 2 packs of the large bowls-29 cents each. 3 packs of the small bowls.-19 cents each!

I also got a really cute frame for 79 cents(I'll post a pic of it later!) And a 25 foot roll of wide, paper ribbon, with firecrackers on it, for 24 cents.

I think the Heather and I are going back on Monday to get some things for a Labor Day cookout. Her friend Heather also wants some stuff to decorate their camper with for next year.


marty39 said...

Wow, what super finds. They do have great sales after the seasons. You just have to time it right. I missed all this great stuff, it was all gone. Good for you, Great prices. Hugs, Marty

This Country Girl said...

Great deals, Denise! I love Hobby Lobby and haven't been in awhile! They really do have some good buys especially as the season goes on! Then you know you can print the 40% coupon that they have about every other week off their website too! I use those alot!

Have a great week!

Benita said...

I'm so jealous! Our HL didn't have ANY 4th of July stuff :(