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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kylah's new braces!

Today was the day. Kylah got her braces! She has been so excited and was ready to go. Of course, she picked pink! No surprise there. She will have to wear them for 24 months (approx).

Afterwards she wanted a milkshake from Steak and Shake. So, off we went for lunch!

Ooh, scary!

The waiting room was beautiful. Fireplace, view, flatscreen TV, aquarium, beveridge station: coffee, tea, cocoa, water cooler and misc. juices. Maybe this is why the braces cost $3905.00! LOL

Gorgeous view from the waiting room.

Open wide!

Learning how to brush properly.


She said the cold milk shake felt good!

We passed Christopher when we were going to eat lunch. He was on his way to our house, so we invited him to go with us!


Linda said...

She will be so glad she wore braces when she sees her pretty teeth in 24 months. I still remember getting mine taken off a longgggggg time ago! Happy day! Linda

Tracey said...

That was a lot of money but it will be worth every penny! xxx

Michelle said...

Tell Kylah good luck! And 2 yrs is not that long to wait for a pretty smile!