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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New pics of Rocky!

Rocky and I have been having a different kind of relationship this week. Richard calls it a love/hate relationship! I want go quite as far as saying "hate"! He has been very rambuctious, to say the least. Today, I told Richard that he had better call PETA on me. Because I was "gonna be hurting me a squirrel"! He about became squirrel stew for Richard's dinner! Just kidding, but my gosh he's been naughty!

I still love the little guy!

(remember, you can click any picture if you want to see Rocky a little better)

This is one of his newest obsessions: sitting on the dining room air conditionr and looking out the window. Today he ran over there when Richard pulled into the drive! It was so funny! Believe me, you don't even want to know how he gets up there! LOL

It cracks me up, how he leans on his hand, while looking out the window! It reminds me of a little old man.

Eating an apricot.

I adore this picture! I am going to have a 5X7 made of it, for Richard. He looks so fat!

In all of these pictures, he is on top of the china cabinet. Once again, you don't want to know how he gets on the cabinet. Let's just say that my framed samplers will never be the same! It's a good thing (for him) that I have tons of patience!! LOL!

He LOVES having his "dad" rub his back and tail, while they watch TV!!

Hanging upside down on the screendoor in the kitchen. He was chattering at the dogs, who were outside! He's real brave when there is a door between him and Spikey!

Sitting on my shoulder. Sometimes it's difficult to get my stuff done, when he is riding around on my shoulders!


Tracey said...

Oh, but he is so cute!!! I bet he can get on your nerves though....love the pic where he is watching TV with his dad...lol

Shirley said...

How cute!!!! Did you raise this little squirrel as a baby?? I'm new to your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine. I was looking though our post; you have some great places to shop!!

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

I adore Rocky!! I say you should do a picture a day of Rocky and his antics. LOL I LOVE< LOVE< LOVE the picture of him all sprawled out on the arm of the sofa with his daddy. That is too precious.