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Monday, October 26, 2009

Tis the season...

for asthma attacks and allergy/sinus headaches.

Each fall I have terrible headaches and trouble breathing. I only have one fully functioning lung and it has some scar tissue in it.

While I understand that sometimes people HAVE to burn their leaves, I don't understand why they burn them when they are wet. It rained all night Thursday, most of the day Friday and all day Saturday. The leaves are wet, people.

This lovely fall sight is on the corner across from our house. It's obvious from the smoke that the leaves are too wet to burn properly. You can't hardly see the house for all of the smoke. The only thing I have to say is...thanks goodness the wind shifted and isn't blowing in my direction anymore.

Now, where's my inhaler and my allergy pills...

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Tracey said...

Denise, where are you? Are you well??? XXX