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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday's thrifty goodies...

I went to 1/2 off day at Goodwill yesterday. I hadn't been thrifting since before Christmas and was going through withdrawls! I also went to the Salvation Army. I got some really cute clothes, too. I will show the clothes tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!

This pleated, celluloid lampshade is my favorite find in a long time! The cute little, milk glass lamp it is on is one of a pair that my parents received for a wedding gift in 1956. The lampshade didn't survive the years in one piece. They are very fragile. I was so excited when I found this shade for $1.50!!

I love the glow from the shade.

There is also a nightlight in the bottom of the lamp.

My first "cloche", it's actually a cheese dome, but I'm not telling! I am going to paint the cheeseboard black. I can't wait to decorate with it. Quite a deal for 75 cents.

Love the lid on this jar! For my scrapbook room. Only 25 cents.

I was sooo tickled to find this. When I redo my scraproom I want to hang my TV on the wall. Therefore giving me more table space! This is brand new and only $4.00!

This little lamp is for my scrapbook table. I am going to be redoing my scrap/computer room this spring and needed a new table lamp. Only $1.50.

I was wanting a train case to keep my Cricut carts and tools in. This one is in near perfect condition and was only $2.00! The tray in intact and so is a snap off zippered case and it even has a key!

Be sure to come back tomorrow and to see the thrifty clothes I bought!! LOL!


Benita said...

Dang girl.....I wish I could find bargains like that! Love the train case! We need to live closer to each other so you can show me how to find bargains like these :) BTW, what is a cloche?

Tracey said...

I agree with what Benita said! You are so good at finding great stuff...xxx

Amy said...

lovely things again..I can't wait til our carboots start up again for bargains! xxx