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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's a snow day, today!

We got a lot of snow yesterday and last night. So school is closed today!

Richard left the house at midnight and plowed at Martin's Supermarket until 5:00am. He slept until 9:00 and went and plowed some more! He plows several friend's drives and plows Kylah's other grandma's drive. He had to order some parts for the front end on the Dodge and is going to put those on this afternoon. Then maybe he will get some rest!

My honey's plow truck. His BIG dodge!!

Some pics of the snowy yard.

County snow plows.

8-12 inches of snow in our drive.


Benita said...

So glad to see your hubby drives a Dodge :) Hey, do you think he'd drive up here & plow our subdivision street for us? They don't do it until at least a week after it snows & I have the worse time getting my car out!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

There's snow everywhere! 8-12" is alot! We got 5" on Monday and still have it on the ground...and there's heresay of some kind of wintry mix tonight. I kind of hope not (can't believe I'm saying that now), but I'm ready for spring.

It is pretty though!

Oh, and I love your husband's big Dodge!


Tracy said...

My hubby just got a new plow for his truck and we have hardly got any snow this year.

I'm happy he's not. LOL