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Monday, September 29, 2008

Richard rescued a baby squirrel...

actually he found 2 young ones walking in the street. They went right to him. We gave them some feed and water and put them in a box. This was thursday evening.
Friday one died. It about broke his heart.

Heather and I went and bought puppy replacement milk powder, a syringe and a water bottle at Paw Mart. He fed the baby and it seemed to perk up.

Richard called a friend of Diane and Randy's that owns/runs a wildlife rescue/rehab. She said that we were doing everything right with the formula. We have to feed "Rocky" every 4 hours. Great.

We went saturday morning to a garage sale that advertised cages. It happend to be at Heartland small animal rescue. We got a really nice, good sized cage for $7.00.

We didn't think that Rocky was eating like he should with the syringe so we went to WalMart and bought an eye-dropper. What a difference. He will eat 2 droppers full at each feeding, along with a grape. We bought grapes, cheerios, bananas and apples. So far, he only likes the grapes. Picky little eater!!

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