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Monday, September 1, 2008

saturday's thrifty finds.....

Saturday, the Salvation Army and Goodwill both had 50% off sales. After Richard and I went to Cocka-doodle cafe for a yummy breakfast, I went to 2 GW's and the SA.

At GW I found quite a few bargains:
  • a new Notre Dame nightshirt for Kylah, for christmas. $1
  • a new pair of pj pants for moi. $1
  • a really cute basket, that I put by the kitchen door, for towels to wipe the dog's feet. .65
  • several small towels, for the dog's feet. .25 each
  • a cute pair of Minetonka moccasins for moi. $2.50 I looked at these last week, but didn't want to pay $5. I'm glad I waited!
  • a counting game for JJ. .65
  • 3 kitchen towels. .50 each
  • 2 little kid ornaments for my iron holiday tree. .25 each
  • a small glass pumpkin. .25
  • a clear glass pyrex custard cup. .50
  • a really cute red, white, blue pillow for the guest bedroom. .50

At SA I found:

  • 2 pyrex baking dishes. .50 each
  • a package of green, gold and bronze tree shaped christmas ornaments. .25
  • a package of apple ornaments. .50 For my iron holiday tree.
  • a set of vintage christmas tree candle lights (in the original box). .25
  • a kid's trivia game for JJ and Kammie. .25

I think that was about it. All in all I think I had a pretty successful thrift shopping day!!

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