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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

State Police--Search Warrant...

I was sitting in my scraproom this afternoon when I saw a couple Indiana State Police cars fly by. I got up and looked out the living room sliding door and saw them stop across the street. There were 5 marked cars, 1 unmarked mustang and an unmarked pick up. They banged on the door and yelled "State Police, search warrant" twice. Then they used a battering ram to get in. They were dressed in black and were carrying large guns. WTHeck.

I stood in the dining room and looked out, I could hear yelling in the house. After a while the officers came out. They put the battering ram in a tool box in the bed of the pick up. They all put rubber gloves on and all but one went back in the house. The one that stayed outside was taking pictures of every angle of the house. I went out and asked him if he could tell me what was going on. He said they had a search warrant for the house and property. Then, he started asking me questions. He wanted to know if the people that lived there were usually home at that time of day. No, they aren't. Are they hispanic? Yes. Do I know what cars weren't there that usually were? Yes, I told him which ones. He asked a few other things and I came home.

After a while they carried out several large pot plants from the backyard. And some bags of stuff from inside the side. They hung around for a time and then they all left.

When the male owner got home he went in the back and shortly came out and sat on the steps. Then the 2 boys got off the bus and they talked and went to the back of the house. Then the mom and oldest boy came home from work and they went to the back.

Pretty soon, I looked out and the dad and 2 of the boys were walking down my driveway. I went out and they asked me if I saw anyone at the house today. I told them, yes-the police. The older boy said he cousin drove an old police car and I told him that it wasn't his cousin, but the state police with a search warrant and guns. They said the house was trashed and there was nothing from the police stating they had been there. They thought they had been robbed and vandalized. I assured them they hadn't been. I told the older boy (he was translating, as the dad doesn't speak english) I would call the police dept and ask what was going on. I don't know if they will or not.

That's enough excitement for one day for this old girl!! LOL

Hopefully I will be adding my gems of the day again soon!

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