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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bye, bye goldfish

In May the kids and I bought 20 goldfish at Meijer. I love to have some in the pond. 5-6 of them were dead before we even got home. All but 4 of the rest of them died over the next few days. They were .09 each. I called Meijert he day I bought them to tell them that I had so many dead ones. They told to bring them back in and they would replace them. WHAT? You want me to keep these dead fish and then drive them 20 minutes back to the store for a replacement? Needless to say, that didn't happen!

The 4 that lived all summer got really big. But, we had no place to put them for the winter. The pond freezes solid in the cold Indiana winters. We decided to take them to Simonton Lake and release them. Set them free. I wish I had taken my camera along on their freedom day. Richard tipped the bucket into the lake and they just stayed right where they were. I told him that they were scared being away from me!!

I will buy more in the spring and look for an aquarium at garage sales, so the next group doesn't have to leave home!

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