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Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Black Friday!!

Heather and I were up and gone by 5:10am.

We started at Menard's (that's where the above picture was taken at 5:30). We stood in line in the cold for 45 minutes. They always have the best deals and the longest lines!! We always start there first.

From there we went to McDonald's for breakfast.

Then on to WalMart. Parked real close, no lines and walked straight to the register. No waiting! Got almost everything on our lists that we wanted.

Next to KMart. Again, no parking problems and no lines inside. Got what we wanted.

Next on the list...Elder Beerman. Not very good luck there. They had $10 off coupons, but practically was excluded unless high priced. Not too happy about that. Bought a few things for Ky.

Next, Kohl's. This store was PACKED. The parking lot was FULL. Luckily we got a cart. Had several $5 off coupons, bought alot. Long, long lines for checkout.

Then, on to Applebee's for a rest and some lunch. Heather bought my lunch (I love her!!). It was yummy. Had a hot fudge shooter for dessert (other pictures taken there).

Next, Bath and Body Works. I bought some Wallflowers for myself!! On sale 2/$5. Couldn't pass them up! Heather bought several things for the girls.

Next stop, Target. Again no lines. Bought alot from our lists. Heather got several things she wanted for Kammie.

On to Starbucks, for a warm drink. Now, I'm not a fan of overpriced Starbucks, but my hazelnut hot chocolate was GOOD!

Next stop, Meijer. Just bought some shampoo and conditioner. Some candy canes for Richard and a stocking stuffer for Kamrie. Heather bought Ky several things.

On to Concord Mall. Again, close parking. I bought 1 thing. Heather bought lots!

Last stop...Centennial Wireless. Heather is looking for cellphones for herself and Kylah (since Ky's dad took hers away. Jerk).

Home at 6:00 pm. I'm tired, but we had such a nice, fun day.

I can't write about the things I bought, because certain people read this blog!

P.S...Jaiden and grandpa spent the day together. They went to the car parts store and to Taco Bell for lunch. Richard said he was perfect all day. He cried when it was time to go home!

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Janene said...

I wanted to stop by and say thank you for reading my posts...but now I find myself hooked on yours!
It looks and sounds like you had a great time on Friday!
I can't believe you didn't have many lines! I want to go shopping with you!!
I will add you to my list, I really enjoy reading and meeting new friends!