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Friday, December 5, 2008

We had deer at the feeders

Richard and I enjoy the bird and squirrel feeders that we have. I always tease him that my extra money is spent at the thrift store and his is spent on bird/squirrel food!

Last night after dinner, he was looking out the living room window and saw a deer looking back at him! He called to me and when we looked out the sliding door we saw 2. They were at the feeders! Of course, Spikey started bark and they ran off.

We live in the county, but only about 3-4 blocks out. A few weeks ago we saw 2 in the back, but have never seen any nearer to the street.

I sure hope that they went back to the woods and not towards town and the busy, busy streets.


GEM of the day-Yesterday Kammie and I went to 7-11 so she could get a slushy! On the way we were talking about Rocky and she brought up animals that live in nests. This is how it went:
Kammie: Have you ever seen a rabbit's nest?
Me: Yes.
Kammie: Don't they look funny when they climb trees?
Me: Rabbits don't climb trees. They make their nests in the grouind.
Kammie: Uh, gramma. I think you're wrong!


Dolly said...

Hi Denise, I am sop glad you stopped by my blog!
Its so nice to meet you!

Yes your deer will come back especially if they know there is food there for them!
Winter is a hard time for them to find food!
Right now I have a deer out in our feeder eatting hay!
We feed them all winter and enjoy watching them!

Take care,
Hugz, Dolly

Janene said...

Good Morning Denise~
I love the things kids say...it is priceless!
Isn't a squirell a type of bunny!! LOL!!!
I love watching the deer in our back field, there is just something so calming about watching them!