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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thursday's thrifty finds

Kylah and I went to WalMart, after she got home from school, on thursday. I needed a new mouse for my computer. The other was not cooperating, at all. When we walked in, I immediately saw several racks with $1.00 signs on them. Be still my beating heart! They were summerish clothes, but hey, for a buck.....

I bought $120. worth for.............$16.00.............that's right $16.00!! I bought for Peyton, Kylah, Justin, Kammie, J.J., Christoper, myself and Chris' stepson Trae. They had tons of stuff. But, I only had so much mulah!

The top picture is a High School Musical top with a battery operated guitar(batteries included) and a pair of khakis for Kam. The next pic is 4 shirts for J.J., included a Gravedigger monster truck one. The 3rd pic is a Miami Ink t for Christoper and 2 t's for Trae. The last pic is 2 pair of shorts and a tank for me, an adorable tank top for Peyton and a t for Justin! Merry Christmas!!

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