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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Growing up too fast

Kylah, our oldest granddaughter, is just growing up way to fast. She is 14. She has decided that she wants to get her lip pierced! That may not seem a big deal to alot of people, but if you know Kylah it is a HUGE deal. She was the girl that wouldn't get her EARS pierced until she was 10-11 years old and then she cried like a baby! She does wonderful in school, plays sports, is in the orchestra playing the violin, is a great big sister, doesn't swear, wouldn't do drugs or drink for anything, she's just an all around good kid. Her mom and Justin have no problem with her getting the piercing, but her dad is another story. He told her absolutely not. If she did he would take her cell phone away.

Well, she's gonna miss that phone! She got her lip pierced tonight. She is scared to tell her dad, so I think Heather is going to do it for her. We'll see what happens. Hopefully he will be understanding and not take her phone. She loves that phone!

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