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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Please, don't make me...

wrap anymore presents. I hate to wrap gifts. Hate it. Years ago, I would wrap everything all pretty with little adornments and bows on each package. Not anymore, if I could, I would just put everything in a bag, slap a name tag on it and call it a day!! Seriously, I don't like to wrap Christmas gifts, birthday gift, shower gifts. None, nada.

SO, every year Kylah comes over to help. Who am I kidding, she wraps the majority! And, Richard, come on he is NO help at all. It takes him an hour to wrap a small one! I kid you not. And when he is done, it looks like the dog wrapped it! LOL

Last night Richard picked Ky up on his way home from work, after dinner it was time to get busy. I actually started wrapping in the afternoon, I didn't know if she was coming over or not. A teenager has so much more fun stuff to do. I guess I need to start teaching Kamrie how to wrap, for the future!

Of course, Spikey and Rocky had to get in on the fun. Hey, I wonder if I could teach them how to wrap.. We could tell everyone Richard wrapped them!!


Leslie said...

I am with you on the wrapping scene, I hate to wrap anything, I say teach your pets to do it all and tell everyone that you invented a new wrapping machine. LOL. Have a good week-end !

Wendy said...

I am so with you, I don't mind doing a few but I mainly use gift bags now!!LOL I love your pet squirrel he is so stinkin cute!:0) hope your having a great weekend!~Wendy