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Friday, December 19, 2008

Slip, sliding away!

We got lots of freezing rain overnight and part of the day today.

Richard worked, Jaiden had a 2 hour delay and Kylah didn't have school. Memorial is finishing finals and the kids were only scheduled to go until 10:00 am. With the delay the high school cancelled classes. Didn't hurt her feelings any, except for the fact she didn't get to take her gifts for her friends.

Richard came home and plowed our drive and Dougie's drive. Dougie gave him $20.00, every little bit helps. Especially since Richard will be off the next 2 weeks, with no pay. We are gonna feel some serious $$ hurt. We aren't getting each other anything for Christmas this year (well, to be honest, I have a few things for him since I start my shopping in January), but nothing for me. Which is okay (I guess!!).

The pictures are of a school merry-go-round we have in our yard, one of many feeders, Richard's truck and a tree in the yard.

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Sarah and Jack said...

:-( Sorry to hear about 2 weeks with no pay, that really does have to hurt.