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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter Formal-2008

Tonight was the Winter formal at Memorial High School. Ky and several of her friends (Katie, Haleigh, Elizabeth and Safire) went together. The girls went to her house to do each others makeup and hair.

Richard didn't get to come with me. He was at Phil's working on the car. Poor guy has a horrible cold, today, probably from laying under the car in the freezing cold.

As soon as I got to Heather's house, Kylah informed me she needed pantyhose. I took her and 3 girls to WalMart. They were in their formal dresses!

We got the hose and FOOD of course! 14 year old girls are always hungry.

Elizabeth's mom brought her a little later.

They all looked so beautiful and so grown up.

1 comment:

Janene said...

Denise~The girls look gorgeous!
Walmart in their formals?...Priceless!