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Monday, January 5, 2009

more around the house...


We have done alot of work on the inside and continue to do so. The kitchen walls and all of the cabinets were a dark brown before I painted them. It makes such a difference. If I can find before pics, I'll post them.

These pictures are of the kitchen. We are going to be adding beadboard as the backsplash between the upper and lower cabinets. I can't wait. I think it will look so nice!

As you can see, we have beadboard on our kitchen ceiling. It looks so nice. I put some of my favorite things on top of the cabinets.

I adore my giant fork and spoon! My grandma had these when I was a kid and my mom hated them! I found them, cheap, at a garage sale this summer. I was so exctied, but Richard wasn't! He just didn't get it.

The burgandy handles started out a shiny brass. I primed them and gave them a couple coats of spray paint. I got the whole bag for free at a garage sale.

More kitchen pictures tomorrow. Can you take the suspense of waiting? LOL


Janene said...

Denise~ I love looking at kitchens!
Beadboard is my favorite...I have been wanting to put it on my ceiling, but hubby doesn't seem to convinced.
Can't wait to see more!

Benita said...

Your kitchen is so pretty & I just love that big fork & spoon! Reminds me of Everybody Loves Raymond :)