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Thursday, January 15, 2009


It is so *&%$(^#@!? cold. -13 with a windchill of -35...right now.

Richard didn't work yesterday, today and isn't working tomorrow. Too cold. Not good for the old finances. He just came off of a 2 week lay off. He did plow snow this morning from 1-6:00am. Would've plowed longer but lost a U-joint and had to come home. He fixed it this afternoon. Thank god he has mechanical abilities!

We had to get a new tire for my car yesterday. Seems like it is always something. And that something isn't very often good. I don't know, sometimes it gets to be a little much, having so much bad luck. We smile through it all, but it's not always easy.


jen said...

Brrrrr...we are feelin it to up here in MI!! That picture says it all!


~Tonya said...

HI Denise, It had been so cold here in Mn too. We had -27 with wind-chill it was -45 to -50. To darn cold.

It has warmed up a wee-bit for a short time. It was 15 above yesterday, knock on wood. LOL

I hope things start to look up for you and your family. Seems like it is always something eh? Here too. I can relate all to well.

Take care and have a great week.