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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Amish town visit

Since Richard isn't working, :( we decided to take a drive to Shipshewana and Topeka (IN).

It was such a beautiful, warm day. See, no more snow! It actually warmed up to 62*

We ate lunch at 5 & 20 Country Restaurant in Shipshewana. We both had the soup and salad bar. Both the soups and salads were Amish homemade. It was very good!

After lunch we went to E & S Sales. It is a large Amish bulk food store. They have tons of stuff in there! Every kind of candy, nuts, cereals, baking goods, spices and flavorings you could think of. They have great prices on lunch meats and cheese. We didn't buy any cheese since we bought so much on friday. We bought shaved ham for $1.69 a pound and sliced roast beef for $1.99 a pound. I divided it up when we got home and put quite a bit in the freezer. We bought a few little things for the kids for Valentine's day, too. Really nice, large cards for a quarter.

From there we went down to Topeka (IN). We have been talking about putting a small wood stove or wood burning furnace add on in our house. We went to Topeka Seed and Stove. They had some gorgeous stoves in there, with gorgeous prices!

We had a really nice day. We are supposed to be getting bad weather again tomorrow night. Darn it. I have spring fever!

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