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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday's temperature 61*. The news said 56*, but we saw several digital signs that said 61*. We went without coats! The kids wore hooded sweatshirts. I can't wait for spring. YAY!!


Leslie said...

I like it warm but, Spring is when my allergies are on the rampage, I can't lay down and sleep, I can't breathe and when I swallow my nose pops from being so stopped up. It can stay cold here a little longer.

Fall is my favorite season.

Hugs~~~ Leslie

Anne said...

Wow you even got warmer than we did up here. We got up to 50 degrees. A lot of the snow melted. Boy was is nice to finally see the ourdooor thermomotor above single digits. Even the other day when we were only hit 40, it was like a heat wave for us. I hope you enjoyed your warm weather. We did to.