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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another "back" update

I'm at Heather's this morning. Which probably isn't the smartest thing. But they really can't afford to take off of work and there is no one else to keep the kids.

Her furniture is not the best for a bad back. I had quite an issue getting up off of the couch! I am getting some relief sitting in the office chair.

Anyway, I am still in a tremendous amount of pain. I've been crying alot. I think as much out of frustration as pain, though. I have never been one to give in to illness, but when you can't move very well, you really don't have much of choice.

The real test will come when it's time to walk Jaiden to the bus. I'll let you know how that went, if I survive it!

Thanks to EVERYBODY for your kind thoughts and well wishes.

Love you all, Denise


Anne said...

I'm sending you a "gentle" hug your way! Take it easy. And take it slow. And rest!

Wendy said...

Denise I am so sorry to hear all that you have been going through, please take care of yourself and don't over use your back and make things worse. Take care!!!~Wendy

Anonymous said...

Hi Denise! I'm so sorry about your back, since I have fibro, I can symapthise somewhat. I have days where it hurts to move anything! *smile* As for moving off base, it's just one more reason why to with the dog ban, I'm tired of kids running around with no supervision whatsoever, ( a three year old ran in my front door and out my back...where was his Mom ) They dont apply the same standards to everyone, and since Dan's promotion, we are paying over a thousand dollars a month for the townhouse, and now the base charges for utilities on top of it.Ben starts Junior High in the fall and the school is HORRIBLE, and the high schools are worse, we had two kids tazered, and an incident of one girl cutting another girls throat with a box cutter at the off base high school where the army kids go. We have a friend who's getting out who owns a huge house with a huge yard offbase and it will cost me only slightly more for double the square foot, and a yard for my kids and dogs. It just ticks me off that they are banning certian breeds when those breeds haven't been in trouble for bites or attacks, they are literally making you choose between your dog, or your house, from people who go to war to fight for freedom. I love ya, I really really hope you start feeling better! Stay in touch!