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Friday, March 13, 2009

Pink eye

This is what poor Kylah looked like this morning when I went to get her up for school. Of course, she had to stay home. Which she hated, because she loves school and she missed on wednesday because she has a sprained ankle.

Heather had to take her to the doctor tuesday afternoon. She hurt her ankle in gym(the same one that was fractured a couple of years ago). It isn't broken, it just has a severe sprain and she was on no weight bearing for 48 hours and now is on crutches.

I swear, this family has had it's share of problems in this new year.


Janene said...

ARG! I hate when the kids get pink eye...It is so hard for the kids to stay still when putting in the medicine. I even do it at night and they roll all over!
Here is hoping for a better weekend for your family!

Benita said...

Poor thing :( Pink eye is NO fun! Hope she feels better real soon!

Anne said...

Oh you got to watch it with that pink eye, it's very catchy. I'm sorry to hear about your daughters sprained ankle. I do hope she's on the mend soon. Take care. And keep your chin up! =)