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Friday, March 13, 2009

High water

When Richard got home from work today (yes, he actually had work for 2 days this week!), he told me how flooded the parks were. I decided to venture out and get some pics.

We had 4 days of straight rain. All day and all night. These pictures are the results. Remember to click on the pictures to enlarge.

The below pictures are of McNaughton Park. The biggest park in Elkhart.

This is one of the entrance streets into the park. As you can see it is barricaded.

This picture is the same entrance, beyond the barricades.

This was taken across the river from the park.

You can see the parking garage for the hospital in the background.

This brave guy put his pontoon in to survey the waters.

The pictures below are of Island Park. The Island is at the Y of the Elkhart and St. Joseph rivers.

Above is Ruthmere Mansion, which is now a museum. This is a beautiful place.(click to see how beautiful)

This is the main entrance to Island Park. It is barricaded off because of the high water.

These trees are supposed to be on dry land! LOL

This is the bandstand/gazebo at Island Park

The two pictures below are the end of the street that our fisrt house was on. We were flooded out of that house in the early 80's and decided enough was enough, and moved!


Tracey said...

OMG! Hope you can swim!
Tracey x x x

Dawn Gahan said...


Here's to dry land, healing backs, pink eye turned back to pretty and laughing brown eye, ankles on the mend, and the prices at Goodwill back down to the prices that allow us to snatch up the goods and give back to the needy!

Love and good health,

Anne said...

OMG and Spring hasn't officially arrived yet. Hopefully there will be no rain in your forecast for awhile so that these waters can have time to recede. Stay safe!
On another note, I just wanted to tell you that I'm adding you to my blogroll list. =)