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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kitchen makeover...part 1

Counter top rehab...


Years ago I sponge painted my kitchen counter tops. When I freshened them up, I decided to go a little darker with not so much white showing.

I sponged on the green paint, with a sea sponge, until I got it the way I wanted it. I let it dry overnight. The next morning I sealed it with matt finish polycrylic. I did 2-3 coats of the polycrylic. I think they turned out really good!

New faucet and sprayer...

I guess I didn't get a before pic of the old, ugly, plastic faucet with a sprayer that didn't work, anymore.

I got this one several years ago at a benefit we had for my nephew. He was severely burned in a fire and we had a benefit to help pay for one of his surgeries(I'll post more about him and his struggles another time...as it is very painful).

I love it. I love the porcelain knobs that say HOT and COLD.

Little kitchen stool...

This little kitchen stool started out living at my grandma's house. All of us kids fought over sitting on this stool! When grandma died in 1984 it went to live at mom and dad's. Then, all of their grandkids fought over sitting on the stool! When mom and dad moved to Florida in 1995 it came to live with me. Now my grandkids fight over sitting on it!

It has had many covers on it since I brought it home. The newest is a homespun check on the seat and a homespun plaid with a little ruffle on the back.

I love this simple little stool.


Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Hi Denise! Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting! I love new visitors! Don't we all?!
I NEVER thought of painting counter tops! It opens up a whole world of possibilities!

Wendy said...

Looking great!! Great job on your counters!!! I love the faucet too!!! Take care!~Wendy

Happily Ever After said...

Wow, I never knew you could paint a countertop. That's cool. It looks really good. You may have started a new trend.


Tracey said...

A stool with history, wonderful, I've had my grandfathers chair passed down to me, in fact I've just given it to Amy, she sits in it looking out at her chickens!
Tracey x x x

glitzen said...

I have those knobs! I love your story about the stool too. Fun!

Janene said...

I didn't even know that you could paint counter tops! But yours look great!
Your redo's are very very nice!
I just can't get over that counter top! Gorgeous!

Amy said...

How lovely! everything looks great...
Amy xxx

Anne said...

I loved your new counters. I didn't think you could paint them like that. You new faucet looks nice to.
I remember those stools from when I was growing up. I to always wanted one. I'm glad you got your grandmother's step stool.
I'm sorry to hear about your nephew. That sounds like a very sad story indeed. I said a little prayer for him and his family.

Dawn Gahan said...

This post brought back such memories from not too long ago. My mom had a kitchen stool that my daughter roosted on as a little one. She forever will remember sitting on it.

Thanks for bringing this to mind.