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Thursday, March 26, 2009


A child's dream come true....aisles and aisles of candy!!

Kylah checking out the hand held games.

Pretty Easter pillows.

Jaiden and Kammie deciding what they want. Jaiden wanted Legos and Kamrie wanted a Littlest Petshop.


Sandy said...

The perfect aisles for kiddies :)

I tried looking for a email so I can send you the instructions that I used to make my silicone bulbs for could not find a email to contact you directly.

So if you wish for me to send them here on your blog, please do let me know and I will do so.

Have a great evening.

jen said...

Target...my favorite. The nearest one to me is about 35 minutes. Good thing...or it could be bad for my pocket book.

Have a great night!!


Tracey said...

I don't know what Target is, but it looks like my kinda shop!
Denise, I have an award for if you want to come get it!
Tracey x x x

Anne said...

Aw I bet your kids loved being treated to a new toy.

Amy said...

wow, what a great place! my kids would love it...me too! xxx

Anne said...

You won an award! Stop at Peek-A-Boo Street for the details!