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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New pictures of Rocky...

We have had Rocky for 6 months, now. I can't imagine our family without him!

This picture was taken a couple of days after Richard rescued him.. I fed him with an eyedropper, around the clock.

Saying his prayers! So sweet. :)

Playing hide and seek.

Watching his relatives through the sliding door!

Playing ball.

Loving on his dad!

Playing with his teeny beanie baby squirrel.

Getting his belly and chin rubbed!

Teasing Spikey!

Trying a strawberry for the first time.

In my scrapbook room.

He likes to help Richard feed the birds!!

I hope everyone enjoyed these pics! If anyone has any questions I'll be sure to answer them!!


Amy said...

I love Rocky! My dad used to have chipmunks until Lottie opened the door when we was cleaning them out...and we never see them again! I know my dad would love a squirel though!!

so cute :) xx

Tracey said...

He is lovely. I almost tamed one in the garden, but my hubby found him dead one day which totally upset me.

Tracey xxx

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

OMGOSH...do you need a squirrel sitter? LOL He is so darned cute. When we lived on the Military Base I had quite a few squirrels spoiled rotten. They would eat out of hands and would scratch at my screen door if I hadn't fed them by a certain time of day.


Anne said...

Oh my goodness. Doesn't he have rabies? And doesen't he want to be outside?

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

From a Bargain Hunter to a Thrifty Shopper, we need to go shopping together. Thanks for coming by my blog. I've enjoyed these pictures of Rocky. What a lucky little fellow to have found you and your family. laurie

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

AAaaaawwwwwwww!!!!! What a lil' sweetie! That strawberry picture is just precious :)


wholarmor said...

I love your pictures of Rocky! I would love to have a squirrel! What kinds of things do you feed him? Does he go to the vet? Is he housebroken?

ani hearts japan said...

I love your pictures of Rocky! I am so glad you decided to share them with us. SO cute!