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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today's thrifty goodies...

I went to Goodwill today. I cut a 50% off coupon out of Sunday's paper. Besides the things pictured below, I bought a pair of denim bermuda shorts($2.00), a really pretty brown on brown sleeveless shirt($2.00), a cute sage green knit top($2.50), a multi green print top($2.50) all for my trip, a ND volleyball t-shirt for Kylah($1.00) and a pair of red shorts for Kylah($1.00).

This cat is weighted and is real prim. I think I'm going to give it to Heather to use as a doorstop. It was $1.00.

This cute bunny was $1.00. It is going on my dining room table tomorrow, with other Easter decor.

Love, love this garland. It is so cute in person. It was 25 cents.

This little box is black and it has a different colored easter egg painted on each side. It was 25 cents.

Watermelon handtowel. This is so darn cute. It was 25 cents.

Fruity dishtowel! I love pretty dishtowels. I always have one hanging on the handle on my oven. It was 50 cents.

Potholder...25 cents.


I bought 1 yard of each of these fabrics at WalMart for $1.00. I am going to use them for napkins
This is a black and white check.
This is red, tan and white check.
This one is red, tan, gold and black. With a little sage.
I thought these two looked good together.


Tracey said...

As usual, wonderful stuff! love all the fabric...
Tracey x x x

Janene said...

You are definately the thrifting queen for the week!
Bargains galore!!!
My favorite is the weighted cat! How generous of you to gift him away! Hummmmm, Generous? or Crazy?
You decide!

Picket said...

Great finds girl...our goodwill nevers has good stuff! Love the fabric...I love making napkins from pretty fabric...course I'm one of those that just cuts a square..no sewing or any fancy stuff like that! lol

jen said...

Nice goodies!!

I'm so bummed that our Walmart no longer sells fabric!! It may be a good thing as fabric is a real weekness for me!!


This Country Girl said...

Wow, Denise, you really did well on what you purchased and the prices you paid! Those prices are much better than our GW! I love the garland and the prim cat and all the fabrics! Good for you!


Anne said...

That bunny is cute. That garland will fit somewhere nice in your home. I think you said that your home had a country decor.