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Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend thrifty goodies!

Heather and I went to a few yard sales and to GW and the Slavation Army, on friday and saturday. Below are my finds! I also bought some really nice baby boy clothes for my nephew Kyle and his girlfriend Taylor. They are having a baby boy in August! Unfortunately, I gave them to her before I took any pictures

This is, obviously, the best find of the weekend!! Heather bought the kids this sweet little puppy. They have wanted a puppy for long and this one just stole Heather's heart. The look on Kamrie's face says it all. They named her Bella.

This round mat has all of my favorite colors in it! It was $1.00 at a garage sale.

I love this box! I am going to put a small plant in it. Garage Sale for 25 cents.

Notre Dame tumbler. SA for 25 cents. I will probably use it in my scrap room to hold pens or markers.

Notre Dame car flag. GW for 25 cents. I bought 3!! I gave one to my brother in law, Jay.

Quilted table runner. SA for $1.00.

This is a really nice drawstring backpack with little baseballs all over it. I though it would be perfect to carry my stuff in to Jaiden's T-Ball games. Garage sale for $1.00.

1st Christmas bib for Taylor and Kyle. Garage sale for 50 cents.

I bought this little cabinet to put stamp pads in, that I use for scrapbooking and cardmaking! It is exactly what I have been looking for, for a couple of years. It was only $1.00! I am going to paint it, so it will match the other things in my scrapbook room.

Tiny stuffed chicken made from an old quilt piece. TS for 50 cents.

I love this picture. GW for 75 cents.
Green frame for above picture, GW 1.00.

This is kind of hard to see, but it's a rooster roly, poly! GW for 50 cents.

Adorable chicken candle holder. GW for 25 cents.

3 foam flowers that I am going to paint. GW for 45 cents.

Really nice cutting board, bought at GW for $2.50

I thought this mat would be pretty in the center of the table. Kohl's $4.00.

These are 4 bamboo placemats in Mustard! I love these things. I think they will be perfect for on the table for the summer. Kohl's-$4.99 on clearance.

These are our favorite bath towels. They are the Big Ones sold at Kohl's. Over the weekend they had them for only $2.99, regular price $7.99. They are so BIG and soft. We are using the old ones for bathing the dogs and other misc. stuff!


Tracey said...

Still can't believe how cheap you can get stuff for over there! All lovely bargains...
Tracey x x x

bj said...

Great finds...and even greater prices..GOOD JOB..

Benita said...

Dang girl, you are definitely the queen of bargains! Awesome finds! I really love that little cabinet! Can't wait to see it in your scraproom :)

Rue said...

Hi Denise :)

You found a lot of great stuff! I love GW for their deals :)

Thank you so much for your sweet comment!

Amy said...

great stuff again...especially the chicken things! xx

Shanda said...

Hi denise, it looks as though the garage sales were good. I belive the picture yu bought at GW is a Country House poic. They are very pricey in their catalog. Nice find. I wanna see more pics of Bella, she looks so chubby sweet.

The wreath was back logged that much in advance. They completly sold out and it took this long to get more made. It is a Vallerie Parhill wreath and trust me if she could have sold and shipped 10,000 more she would have. It was a big seller, I am in love with it, so glad I hung in there. I called them like 5 times. I even searched the Internet endlessly for the little bike because I knew I could make the rest.

Hope the garage sales treat you right this weekend, see ya,

Picket said...

Wow you found some great stuff and I can't believe the prices!!!! That sweet furbaby looks so cute...thanks so much for coming by...have fun decorating with your treasures!

Anne said...

Wow you got a great deal on those bath towels! Can't beat that. I'm in need of towels myself.