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Friday, April 17, 2009

Sea World pics

**WARNING** Picture overload ahead!

The whole group from Elkhart.

Dad and Lois waiting for the concert to start.

This concert was the reason for the trip to Florida. They had a huge audience. They sounded great, even though only 12 kids from the orchestra were able to make the trip.

Random pics.
The girls.

My tired brother in law, Larry!

Journey to Atlantis water ride.
Kylah and Peyton on Atlantis.

The Kraken, rollercoaster.
My niece, Peyton, on the Kraken.

Shamu, the star of Sea World!

Polar bear

Manta rays

Me, feeding the sea lions and seals some stinky fish! LOL
Hungry sea lion.

A manatee.
A shark, overhead.

Glowing jelly fish

Penguin Encounter

Our family eating at Shark's Underwater Grill. The food was spectacular and of course the atmosphere was awesome! We had sharks swimming in huge tanks around us. It was so much fun.

The "entertainment" during dinner! LOL

Desserts we enjoyed at Shark's Underwater Grill.


Anne said...

Wow what great pics from your trip! Those desserts sure did look good! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us all.

wholarmor said...

How fun! I want to go to Sea World! I love the orcas!

jen said...

Enjoyed all your photos!! Looks like so much family fun!!