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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New "pets"...

The last time I was at my sister's best friend, Cindy's house, I saw the neatest bowl with little frogs and crabs in it. I wanted it! I have thought about that darn thing for weeks. A couple of weeks ago I found a bowl at GW that I thought would be perfect for these little creatures. It was cheap, so I snatched it up. Today at WalMart I happened to check out the fish aisle. There in front of me they were. Just waiting for a new home! Richard will probably think I'm nuts (he's right
!!). The grandkids will love them!
Bowl *Sweet* Bowl!

The frogs. No names, yet. **UPDATE** Kamrie named the frogs-Patrick and Spongebob!

Mr. Crabs! Yes, we watch Spongebob!


Tracey said...

Never seen anything like that before! very cute!!

Anne said...

Once those little froggies get bigger, I hope they won't jump out of there!

Denise said...

My sister's friend has had hers for months and they haven't grown much. If they do get big, I'll put them outside in the pond.

shameena said...

Oh!!Never saw in my life like this...Its sooo cuuuttte:)
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shameena said...

I wanna try this in my home.Anyone wants to join:))
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Kathleen Grace said...

The bowl looks so cute with the fun little critters in it! But...how do you keep the frogs from jumping out?