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Friday, May 1, 2009

Springtime visitors...

Mr. and Mrs. Duck!

For several years we have had a pair of ducks visit us in the spring. We always assume it's the same 2, but of course, we don't know that for sure.

A few days ago, Mrs. Duck showed up all by herself. She was here most of the day, just laying on a rock at the edge of the pond. I was convinced that something happened to the Mister, since they are never here one without the other.

After laying in the sun all day, she decided to take a little swim.

Mrs. Duck and a black squirrel sharing the pond!

The happy couple taking a dip in our goldfish pond! They showed up happily together the next day! YAY!


Grace2882 said...

aweeeeeeeee that is so sweet. I have always wanted a fish pond but I doubt that the hounds would let a duck visit. Your pictures are lovely.

Wendy said...

How adorable!!! You have the greatest things happen to you with animals!!!....That wasn't Rocky in the pond with Mrs duck was it?LOL Have a wonderful weekend my friend!~Wendy