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Saturday, May 2, 2009

One post...many topics!

Be warned! This is a long, picture heavy post. But, would you expect anything else from me? LOL

Today was Jaiden's "special day". Every year for their birthdays, we take the kid's out for lunch to the place of their choosing and shopping for their gifts. I took Jaiden by myself this year, since Richard has been working on saturdays and we like to work in the yard on sunday. We went to Sonic and then to Super target for legos! His gift of choice this year.

You mean I can have all of these?

He can put these lego sets together all by himself!


Happy NSD!!

Which is National Scrapbook Day, to you non-scrappers!! Since it was NSD, I decided to check out Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's for scrap stuff. I didn't really buy much in the line of scrap stuff, but I did get some other cute, thrifty things!

The following pics are from the stuff I bought at HL...
This is my favorite buy of the day! HL had them 1/2 off...only $4.00. (click the picture to enlarge!) It is already hanging above my kitchen sink. I want to see how long it takes Richard to notice it. He doesn't do many dishes! LOL

I am going to alter these wooden letters with some patterned paper and other embellishments for my kitchen. They were on sale for 70 cents a piece.

I am going to put a pic of the grandkids in here and hang it from the rearview mirror in my car. I used my 40% off coupon for it. $2.40.

These things are from J's...
These cute little cupcakes are a memo pad and pushpins. 50 cents each.

Isn't this the cutest tray? I love it. It was 50% off, for $3.99.

This is a really pretty variety of scrapbook papers. Most of them I bought at JoAnn's and a couple at Hobby Lobby. J's had them for 40% off and HL had all of their papers 50% off.

I loved these 3 "specialty" papers. The white one is all laser cut in a floral pattern and the black one is laser cuts with small circles (the red under them is a towel to show the details in the papers). Then of course is the baseball, for pics of Jaiden. He picked this one out!

Since I had a 50% off coup[on that I wasn't using on anything else, I bought this green t-shirt. It was only $2.00 with the coupon! I used my 40% off coupon on some Crabby Patties for Jaiden!

Family Dollar...
It's kind of hard to see this(sorry about the glare), but it's a scented oil burner with 3 scented oils. Tahition vanilla, cherry blossom and first rain are the scents. I saw it in the Family Dollar ad that came in the mail yesterday. It was $3.00 and I thought it would be so cute in my kitchen! I am going to decorate it with some rub ons. I'll post a pic when I do that.

Cute little resin rooster. It was only $1.00.


Today was opening day for Jaiden's little league. It was his first game, ever!

Here is the handsome ball player!

Check out that form! The kids all had a great time and I have to say that it was kind of comical to watch them! They are so young and so little. There were a few tears, a few meltdowns and lots of high fives!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Looks like you and Jaiden had a wonderful time on his birthday...I remember the Legos and little league days so well:)

Amy said...

more great buys! Jaiden looks chuffed to bits with his lego!! I love to see all your little rooster buys too!! Me and mum are going to another carboot soon...i am always on the look out for chicken things lol.

Amy xx

marty39 said...

Happy Birthday to Jaiden. I'm sure he had a great day. I'm sure he had a great time playing ball also. Loved the pictures. Your thrifty treasures are all fabulous. I love the tray, it is so pretty. Thanks for stopping by my Kit Redo and leaving such nice comments, I really appreciate the visit. Hugs, Marty

Wendy said...

Oh how pecial to have a special day for the grandbabies!! I love all your goodies too, it looks like you had a great day of shopping!!! Have a wonderful Sunday!~Wendy

Shellmo said...

Looks like Jaiden had a great birthday! Legos are a great gift!
And you must be the queen of finding great things for a bargain! Loved the tray, the rooster and the Tshirt especially!

Debbie said...

Hi Denise, So glad you came by for a visit. Tell Jaiden Happy Birthday. Pictures say a 1000 words. Great thrifty finds. Love the rooster, I'm a little partial to them. Visit me anytime. Debbie

Chari said...

Hello Denise...

I just read the sweet note that you left for me on my Sunday Favorites post...I'm so glad that you came by for a visit, my friend...and I'm also so pleased that you enjoyed my blog and my design style! I see that you added my blog to your list of blogs to follow...I feel so honored, thank you!!! I am also adding your blog to my list to follow...I just love thrifty buys and your blog is just chock-full of treasures!!! I look forward to your upcoming posts and getting to know you better...

So very nice to meet you, Denise!!!

Okay Girl, I can't believe all of the great treasure finds that you came home with!!! So many fun things and projects for you to get started on! Hehe!!! Don't you just love Hobby Lobby? I have to drive about 120 mls. to our nearest HL so I don't get there as often as I would like (however, that's probably a good thing for my pocketbook! Hehe!!!)

I enjoyed seeing your little guy! Happy Birthday Jaden!!! I really do love Legos...I have 8 grandsons that have got so much enjoyment out of them...and I love that they are actually excersizing some creativity with them!!!

Have a marvelous Monday, my friend!
Warmest wishes,