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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sooooo hot...and...RIP

Yep...this is how we have spent the last 3 days! It is so H O T. 93* again today. It isn't quite as humid, thank goodness.

Before anyone thinks that I am complaining about the heat, I have to say, I AM NOT! I despise the cold. But it is HOT!

The kids and I have enjoyed that $5.00 pool more than I ever imagined we would! Thank goodness for thrifty bargains!


P.S. We have learned today that Farrah Fawcett lost her battle with cancer this morning. She fought a courageous fight. May she rest in peace.

We also learned that Michael Jackson has died from a heart attack. Sad for the people that loved him. Maybe now he will be at peace in death, as I don't think he was ever at peace in life.

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Shanda said...

Wow, what a sad day for losing icons of our past.

You are making me nervous saying you are anxious. Stop!!! I am so worried I won't like it. My husband says, well it's ordered now!. Like it is in stone. I think if the room were bigger and they sit apart from each other, I would have been brave to order the bronze one. The pump will sit about, seriously 12 inches form the tub faucets and I was so afraid to mix metals. I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival too. We did get to keep the tub fixtures and they were awesome and impressively heavy in my hand. The tub handles look like really old out door faucets, the kind that are chrome and white and say hot and cold. I did love them thank goodness. I may not have any hair to wash when this is all over so it won't matter what any thing is.

How is Rocky, does he still live with ya'll?